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MYTVOnline Hotfix v1.9.55

MYTVOnline hotfix for Z-Series devices released Version: 1.9.55 Patch Notes: Inactivity timer improvements FIX: Auto-shutdown issue

S-series Software Update - v1.6.26

Applicable Models: S Turbo, S Mini Version 1.6.26 Download the latest S-series update from the Software Download menu. Change Log MYTVOnline updated to latest version Improved display of extended xmltv EPG event data Patched incorrect character encoding issue in EPG event data Added 3 more user-definable xmltv EPG slots. (4 total) Added Clear EPG database feature. Grid EPG > Green hotkey FIX: Stuck in Standby issue FIX: Weekly timer issue FIX: HDR mode issue when HDMI auto adaptation is enabled Improved Turkish translation Added compatibility for startonboot, playstore, settingslock, appslock from Installer Mode settings Added Startup app feature FIX: mkv playback issue from Playlist screen


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