Firmware Version:

Z / nano / plus / Prime : v2.8.42
Zx / Z7+ : v1.2.42

MYTVOnline Version : 1.9.52

Applicable Models : All Z-Series devices

After rigorous testing, the October 2018 Z-series software update is now available for download.

We recommend all users download and i...


Firmware Version: 2.8.0 / Z7+ 1.2.16

MYTVOnline Version: 1.9.6

Updated Models: ALL Formuler Z-Series

The January 2018 Z-Series cumulative roll-up update has been released and is ready for immediate download.

This roll-up update unifies all Z-series firmware features a...


Firmware Version: 2.7.76

MYTVOnline Version: 1.7.0

Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime /  Formuler Z+ / Formuler Z

The long awaited Formuler Z-Series September update has been released over the network for all users.

Proving again the dominance of the Formuler system solution...


Firmware Version: 2.7.70

MYTVOnline Version: 1.6.0

Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime /  Formuler Z

The July 2017 Formuler Z-Series software update is now live!

Team Formuler has implemented many new requested features and improvements based on community feedback.

Reboot your...


Firmware Version: 2.7.50

MYTVOnline Version: 1.5.0

Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime /  Formuler Z

Formuler is excited to announce the next software update for Formuler Z-Series devices.

Many optimizations and new features are available with this release.

Reboot your device...

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